Id written previously about creating your own home gym in China. So, now that youre working out, what about the workout supplement, protein, and other fitness food items that youd usually just get at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe? Well, as most things here, you can get protein on Taobao in China. There are several physical or online shops that cater to expats that sell whey protein in Shanghai and other supplements, but the prices are much more expensive than Taobao. For a great guide on using Taobao, check out the Taobao Field Guide.

Getting Whey Protein in Shanghai

First, Im just going to do a promotion of the seller that Ive been using for the last couple months. Ive been happy with the whey protein Ive been buying. I like them because theyve got a great selection, low prices, and are in Shanghai, so Ive been receiving my shipment the day after I order. The link is

So, Id suggest using this shop if the link is working at the time you read this. If you do buy from them, make sure to read step #3 below about specifying flavor of your protein.

If you are not in Shanghai, or would like to find a different seller in China to buy protein and other workout supplemtns, here are some steps to follow to make sure you get quality products.

1) Search in Chinese for what you want (or if you have to, you can try English)

Helpful Translations

Protein Powder 蛋白粉

Casein Protein 酪蛋白粉

Creatine 肌酸粉

BCAAs 支链氨基酸 (or just search BCAA)

Gluatamine Powder 谷氨酰胺粉

Vitamins 维他命

Note: For pre-workout supplements, like Cellucor C4, or Jack3d, just do a search in English.

2) Pick a product that is in the sweet spot of many recent buyers, many reviews, and competitive price.

For an example, Ive included a screenshot of a recent Taobao search for cellucor C4. The two Taobao sellers I would choose are circled in green.

3) For protein, check the flavors, and make sure to indicate the flavor you want when you order. Many times, the product page will list flavors, but occasionally the seller will not have all the flavors in stock. A safe (and the most tasty, in my opinion) bet is to always go for chocolate, or 巧克力味. So, if you chat with the seller, you can just copy and paste the name of the product you want, and then ask [name of flavor]口味有没有? This means, do you have X flavor?

4) When you place your order, you should specify which flavor you want. Check out my screenshot below to find where to type this in.

Now all you have to do is wait around for you protein or workout supplements to be delivered.

Note: If you would rather not use Taobao, my recommendations are:

For online shops:

BBA Supplements or World Health Store. Ive not personally used their online shops

For a physical shop in Shanghai, check out the World Health Store kiosk in the Shanghai Centre on Nanjing Xi Lu

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