Food delivery in China is freakin awesome. At first, delivery seems like an added convenience, but after a while, youll find yourself grudgingly leaving your apartment to go out to eat. From rainy evenings, to nights in with friends, to house parties, the variety of delivery services in Shanghai (and Beijing) are an incredible perk, one that youll wonder how you ever did without.

There are several delivery companies that service a bunch of restaurants:

Sherpas The major player in Shanghai delivery, Sherpas delivers from restaurants all over Shanghai and Beijing, Western food and Chinese food. Youll find that the items that Sherpas carries to be more expensive than the other options, but Sherpas is the most reliable, with the best selection of restaurants, and the best website, so you pay for what you get.
Mealbay This delivery service is strictly in Shanghai, and comes in second place behind Sherpas. Mealbay has a lot of good restaurants too, and the prices are usually a bit less.
KK Rabbit Ive never personally used this one, but Ive seen their delivery guys running all around the city. Their website is not as good as the above two, but give them a try for more variety of restaurants.
JinShiSong This delivery company only operates out of Beijing, and charges based on how far you are away from the restaurant. Their website lists lots of options, both Western food and Asian food.
Cheers In This new company is located in Shanghai, and offers beer delivery. I highly suggest checking out their website, as they have some pretty tasty looking options. They also offer weekly deals, so this could very well be cheaper than going to the store yourself.
McDonalds The only place that delivers 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. My roommates and I would often fall back into the trap of pigging out on McDonalds delivery at 3am after a night out. A good decision? Maybe not, but easy and awful tasty. The delivery hotline is 4008-517-517.

Extra: Need ice, liquor or beer? Many of the companies deliver alcohol and ice. Ive found the ice delivery extremely useful, especially for house parties, and afternoon barbecues.