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Do people tip in China? Find out where to tip, and the customer service situation in China.

In the United States, it seems like we are always tipping people. Eat out at a restaurant, leave a 15%-20% tip Get a drink at a bar, add $1 Take a taxi, give him a 15% tip Thats not even taking into account baggage carriers, baristas, newspaper boys, and delivery drivers. Its so complicated that theres even websites that can guide you through this morass. Oh, and not to mention special tip calculators on mobile phones, and cheat sheets you can get for your wallet. After living in China for two years, I find it extremely confusing when I come back home to Ohio and it seems everyone is wanting a tip. In China this is not the case. Tipping in China is actually not a thing. In China, there are no tips. You read right, no tips. This doesnt mean that in some cases a tip is expected, or that for exceptional services tips are usually given. In all cases, there is standard no tipping ever. Now, this is not to say that Ive never tipped anyone. Its just that tipping is never expected. So, when you do tip someone, youll be surprised at their reaction. Sometimes they are grateful, confused, and occasionally even taken aback. As youll soon notice after living in China for a few weeks, the service is notoriously poor. Servers at restaurants need to...

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4 reasons why you should buy a Kindle before you move to China, Shanghai or Beijing. Books are great, so make this purchase before you move.

If you enjoy reading, the Kindle is a must have when you move to China. Ive had my Kindle for over a year and a half, and its an amazing tool and resource, especially if you are living abroad. Maybe youre thinking, But I really like to read books, and hold them in my hand, and go to bookstores, etc. I can see where youre coming from, but below are some reasons why that way of thinking doesnt transfer to China. 1. Limited selection China has massive bookstores filled with books, but guess what, theyre almost all in Chinese, and are useless to most English speakers. Foreign book sections tend to be small, and filled with only the most popular fiction and business books. 2. Cost If you find a book to buy, it will probably be twice as much as its suggested US retail price. I bought a paperback book from a foreign bookstore for over $30. The same book retailed for $14 from Amazon. Note: There are book carts in China which sell pirated books for very affordable prices. But again, youll only find popular series and self-improvement books here. 3. Portability If youre like most expats, you dont really know how long youre going to be in China, and the airlines only allow for 1 or 2 carry on bags these days. The nice thing about...

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