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How do get water delivery in Shanghai and in greater China? Here are steps to getting a water dispenser,choosing a water delivery company, and talking on the phone in Chinese.

If you werent previously aware, the tap water in China is not suitable to drink. Most people use it for brushing their teeth and washing fruits and vegetables, but when it comes drinking, its best to drink bottled water. Many Chinese will boil the tap water, but as this doesnt get rid of some of the metals that are present in the tap water, its not the best option. So, you will either need to buy bottled water from the store, or you can get water delivered to your apartment. Here are some key steps to dealing with water delivery in Shanghai (and greater China too). Getting a water dispenser If youre going to get water delivered, youll first need a water dispenser. Basically, there are 2 types: tall ones that sit on the floor, and shorter ones that you place on your countertop (or a table). I prefer the tall ones, as I find I have a lack of counter space, but not floor space. If youre able to do online purchases (or get someone to help you), head over to and search for 饮水机. The most popular ones will display first, so Id recommend getting one of those. The other key difference in water dispensers (other than their size) is the functions. The dispensers will either A) dispense hot water and room temperature water or B)...

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Why you need to have health insurance before you move to China. Also, a discussion on Western hospitals in Shanghai, Beijing & direct billing

A serious post here, about health insurance in China. Without mincing word too much, you need to have health insurance when you arrive in China, and if you dont have it when your plane lands, you should get it soon after. Ive found that medical problems can be unexpected in China, and healthcare costs at Western hospitals is very expensive. First, do some research on the hospitals in your city. One great Western hospital that has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Tianjin is United Family Hospital. In Shanghai, there are also ParkwayHealth Clinics. Browse around the hospital websites, and locate their health insurance section. Once there, go to the individual insurance companies websites, and decide which insurance provider is best for you. If youre already in China, you can contact a insurance brokerage firm like Pacific Prime, which may have some good deals for you. One thing to take notice of is direct billing. If your financial situation isnt super secure, Id highly recommend getting insurance that direct bills with your hospital of choice. If you’re not familiar with direct billing, this means that the hospital charges your insurance company, without you having to pay for any costs up front (apart from copay or not covered items). If you have insurance which doesn’t direct bill, you have to pay the balance to the hospital first, and then mail...

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