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What do you do when you arrive in China? Find out the forms to fill out, customs procedures, and how to get a taxi in China

m switching it up a bit this post, and have some video for you. Its all about Arrival in China today. From the form you have to fill out on the plane, going through customs, picking up your bags, getting a taxi, and communicating with the taxi driver, I cover it all. Youtube link as soon as I overcome a mountain of technical difficulties The entry form mentioned in the video can be found on the Forms section of China Life Tools Tagged with → arrival • policy • tips •...

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Learn how the one-child policy may affect your life as a foreigner living in China. From names children may call you, to pregnant women at work

When most Westerners hear about Chinas famous (or infamous) One-Child policy, they are taken aback, disgusted, and wonder how a country could impose such a harsh control over its population. Before I came to China, I thought this way. Now, I support the policy, and many of my friends do as well. China currently has a 1.3 billion population, and if not for the one-child policy (introduced in 1978) the numbers would undoubtably be higher. Also, the current situation of the law isnt as strict as most uninformed people would believe. Urban residents are (more or less) strictly subjected to the one couple to have one child The exception here is if the mother and the father are both only children. In this case, they may have 2 children Rural residents may have a second child if the first born is a girl Members of ethnic minority groups (like Tibetans, Uyghurs) are either permitted to have more than 1 child, or are completely exempted from the rule. Today, the China government released a statement confirming the continuation of the One-Child policy, despite different types of criticism from various groups. They predict the population reaching 1.39 billion by 2015 and then stabilizing there. There are many articles talking about the impact the policy has on culture, healthcare, economics, etc., but Id like to touch on some issues foreigners may come...

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