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Find out where to get Quest Protein Bars in Shanghai, China. Using this information, and Taobao you can get reasonably priced, delicious protein bars.

Back after quite a while with a quick entry on an awesome health/fitness product Ive found on Taobao over the last month. Before, I told you about where to get Whey Protein powder, Creatine, Pre-workout, and other fitness supplies I was introduced to Quest Bars by a crossfitter here, who brought back a whole suitcase full of these guys! I tried one, and was pretty impressed by the taste, especially since my main source of non-food based protein has been chocolate shakes for the past 4 years. The best thing, hands-down, has to be the number of flavors. There are 16 different flavors of Quest Bars. Ill list them below, with the Chinese translation so you can easily find which ones you want to add to your Taobao Shopping cart. You can either order bars individually, or a single flavor box of 12. At the time of writing, there is barely a price difference between the two, so Id suggest giving a bunch of flavors a try. Each bar has 20 or more grams of protein, and very little sugar, only 1 or 2 grams. There are lots of good reviews of these out there on the internet, which also encouraged my purchase. The Taobao seller is located in Southern China, so they bars will take a couple days to arrive to you in Shanghai (and other Chinese cities...

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Grocery shopping in China can be difficult, but by knowing the advantages of each type of grocery store or veggie/fruit stall can save you time and money.

Grocery shopping in China is probably not going to be as simple as what you’re used to back home. In the United States, I’d just go shopping at 1 grocery store, and find all I needed: meat, vegetables, fruit, packaged goods, frozen goods, canned goods, everything. In China, it is not so simple. As you’ll see, if money is not an issue, it can make your life a little easier, but with some good planning you can do your best to save time, money, and get the best quality food available. First things first – Know how much groceries you can carry. In your home country, you may have been used to filling up your cart and loading the bags into your car’s trunk, but in when you grocery shop in China, you’ll either have to carry everything with you. If you’re doing a big shopping trip, I’d suggest taking a backpack with you to put the heaviest items (milk, cans, other liquids) in, so that it is easier on your arms. Types of Grocery Stores in China (and strategies for shopping): • Hypermarket (Megastore) – These massive stores have groceries, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, home goods, clothing, electronics, and even some sporting equipment. Most usually have an aisle or two of popular imported food items, usually cheaper than the strictly import grocery stores. Imports you can get at...

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What are the 10 Chinese dishes that all foreigners love? In China, ordering food can be tough and confusing, so check out this guide to the best Chinese dishes you can get.

Arriving in China, eating out can be a challenge, especially if you arent familiar with Chinese dishes, let alone Chinese characters. But, youll notice after being in China for a little while, especially if you hang out with other foreigners, there are certain dishes that show up again and again on the restaurant table. Below are some of my favorites, and Ive found most foreigners like all of these. Give these a try when youre out at a restaurant, and start opening up your palate to more and more Chinese flavors. But dont just take my word for it, explore and find out which Chinese dish is your favorite. Meat dishes 1. Gōng Bǎo Jī Dīng 宫爆鸡丁 or 宫保鸡丁 We in the West know this traditional Sichuanese dish as Kung Pao Chicken. But, its not only in Sichuan where you can find this dish. Nearly all restaurants can make their own variant, yet its constant is pieces of chicken, peanuts, vegetables and chili peppers. Often the vegetable will be green onion, and occasionally carrots will be added in as well. What makes lots of foreigners (and me) like this dish is the Dīng. Dīng here means small piece and refers to the small pieces of boneless chicken in the dish. Many times chicken in Chinese food will not be deboned, which is a source of aggravation and annoyance, to...

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The best options for food delivery in Shanghai and Beijing. From Western to Asian options, to beer and fast food, these companies are your best option for food delivery.

Food delivery in China is freakin awesome. At first, delivery seems like an added convenience, but after a while, youll find yourself grudgingly leaving your apartment to go out to eat. From rainy evenings, to nights in with friends, to house parties, the variety of delivery services in Shanghai (and Beijing) are an incredible perk, one that youll wonder how you ever did without. There are several delivery companies that service a bunch of restaurants: Sherpas The major player in Shanghai delivery, Sherpas delivers from restaurants all over Shanghai and Beijing, Western food and Chinese food. Youll find that the items that Sherpas carries to be more expensive than the other options, but Sherpas is the most reliable, with the best selection of restaurants, and the best website, so you pay for what you get. Mealbay This delivery service is strictly in Shanghai, and comes in second place behind Sherpas. Mealbay has a lot of good restaurants too, and the prices are usually a bit less. KK Rabbit Ive never personally used this one, but Ive seen their delivery guys running all around the city. Their website is not as good as the above two, but give them a try for more variety of restaurants. JinShiSong This delivery company only operates out of Beijing, and charges based on how far you are away from the restaurant. Their website lists...

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