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Find out where to get Quest Protein Bars in Shanghai, China. Using this information, and Taobao you can get reasonably priced, delicious protein bars.

Back after quite a while with a quick entry on an awesome health/fitness product Ive found on Taobao over the last month. Before, I told you about where to get Whey Protein powder, Creatine, Pre-workout, and other fitness supplies I was introduced to Quest Bars by a crossfitter here, who brought back a whole suitcase full of these guys! I tried one, and was pretty impressed by the taste, especially since my main source of non-food based protein has been chocolate shakes for the past 4 years. The best thing, hands-down, has to be the number of flavors. There are 16 different flavors of Quest Bars. Ill list them below, with the Chinese translation so you can easily find which ones you want to add to your Taobao Shopping cart. You can either order bars individually, or a single flavor box of 12. At the time of writing, there is barely a price difference between the two, so Id suggest giving a bunch of flavors a try. Each bar has 20 or more grams of protein, and very little sugar, only 1 or 2 grams. There are lots of good reviews of these out there on the internet, which also encouraged my purchase. The Taobao seller is located in Southern China, so they bars will take a couple days to arrive to you in Shanghai (and other Chinese cities...

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Finding gyms in shanghai and China can be expensive, so if you’d like to build you own home gym using Taobao, check out my guide for an alternative to the gym

Gyms in Shanghai are many, and they range from amazing spa-like fitness centers, which cost over $1000 a year, to local community centers, with mismatched weights and shirtless, cigarette-smoking patrons. Lots of articles have been written about the different gyms in Shanghai, so Im going to skip that. I like going to the gym as much as the average person, but last year when I was short on funds and unable to put down for a full membership, I used Taobao to buy all the materials to make my own home gym, and spent around $1000 RMB ($160). Using Taobao to build you own home gym is an especially good decision for those living in smaller Chinese cities where there are no gyms, or where selection is very limited. For learning how to do online banking in China, see my previous Shanghai Guru blog post For using Taobao in China, check out the Taobao Field Guide, which I highly recommend Build Your Home Gym in China When building your own home gym in China, first decide what you need. For me, the essential (and most expensive) were free weights. Thankfully, you will not have to buy a whole set of weights. Instead, you can get a knockoff Bowflex dumbbell, which allows you to turn a dial and change the weighs engaged by the dumbbell. Heres how you buy this...

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