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Some tips on how to easily find an apartment in China or Shanghai. How to find suitable agents in China, what to expect,watch out for, and a little on negotiation.

So, you need to find an apartment in China. The ultimate needle in a haystack situation. I have personally just finished my apartment search, and even though it was for less than a week, it was still exhausting. This is thankfully only the second time Ive searched for my own apartment, but I can offer some tips and tricks to make your search as easy as possible, and make you aware of the common obstacles. Where to look for apartments in China? 1) To find an apartment in China,first try expat-oriented websites, like SmartShanghai (and its new Bejing site, SmartBeijing). The most important benefit here is that the apartments offered are real. The site penalizes realty companies that put up fake pictures. The apartments here are just a fraction of what are available, but this is not a bad place to start. 2) Chinese real estate sites, which are all in Chinese, can offer some direction to help you find an apartment in China. Some examples of these are,, or Baixingwang. In my experience, there is major fishing going on here. Companies will put up an amazing looking apartment with a really cheap price. Im not sure if the apartment never existed in the first place, but they wont be able to show it to you. I use this just to get contacts at realty agencies. I...

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You’ll want to know about Chinese custom before you go to any Chinese persons’ house.

In China, you soon notice that nobody wears their shoes inside their homes. The streets and sidewalks in China are really dirty. By wearing your shoes inside your house, you’re not only tracking in dirt and dust, but most likely remnants of garbage, food, spit, and other non-desirable human byproducts. So needless to say, people dont usually want to track all that into their homes. So, whenever people enter their houses, they kick off their shoes, and put on house slippers. In summer, these are slip on sandals, and in winter, they tend to be warmer, fuzzy slippers. Its a strange custom when you first get to China, but after a week, you find yourself taking off your shoes every time you get home, or go to a friends house. Another reason for wearing slippers is the the floors build up this phantom dust. Chinese air is dusty at times, and if your windows are open for long periods of time, this dust builds up on the floor. It only becomes noticeable when, after spending hours in the house in bare feet, you either feel the buildup of stuff on your feet, then look disappointingly at the soles of your feet, which are now black or brown. Finally, when you go over to someone’s house or apartment, always take your shoes off as soon as you enter the door....

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These questions are essential for finding a great roommate or flatmate in China. From language to behavior, make sure to touch on these.

When considering a specific shared apartment in Shanghai, Beijing, or another Chinese city, the most important thing to focus on is your fellow roommates. Youll be living with these people for a while, and youve got to make sure that you can at least tolerate each other, and have somewhat similar ways of thinking. Deciding to live in a shared apartment isnt without risk, but it also can be extremely rewarding. I lived over 2 years in shared apartments, with a total of 7 different people. Luckily, I had two, 1 year periods living with the same people and got to know them extremely well and become very good friends. Below are some things to consider, and you should definitely touch on these when visiting an apartment. These questions work for those visiting places, and also for those finding a tenant to rent a room in their current apartment. Language skills. Language is the primary way we communicate, so if you cant understand what your potential roommates are saying, it might not be a good fit. My roommate and I were interviewing potential tenants, and we had a pretty nice French guy come and visit, but after chatting a bit, it was clear that he wasnt understanding our jokes, and not really even following our conversations. Im sure he was a great guy, but probably wouldnt have been a...

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